I've made a few of these types of threads before but I keep pushing back the date until I move out of my parents and have a wired connection in my own flat so I can progress with Quake.

I the meantime, I bit the bullet and bought a MacBook Pro which is pretty fucking good actually. Obviously I can't play games and stuff but it's great and durable for work and data science which is what I want to get into.

However, I REALLLLY want to take up video editing (specifically, editing gaming movies) as a hobby. I am willing to spend a long long time learning the ropes and progressing up to one big quake cpm movie (already have a soundtrack in mind that I've been thinking about for years now and want to pass through beta testers, just need the frags and the editing prowess to progress).

A couple of questions

What specs would you recommend me to get to help with video editing and playing cpm and QL? (They're the only two game I'll be playing on PC). I'm thinking a desktop with 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD, i5 processor would suffice? As a desktop, this shouldn't come to to much money I think?


Are there any tutorials you think I should watch to learn how to make things like installing custom weapon skins like KOS did with dorftrottel (not aiming that high but those textures were pretty sweet)?