The early 2000's are truly the best times to play videos games and be alive in my opinion.

Well let me list some of the games popular back then =]

Video Games

Quake 3 & CPMA (And loads of good mods)
Quake 2
Quake 1
Counter Strike (and a shit load more good half life mods)
Team Fortress Classic
Arena FPS games being the standard run of events back in the day

The night life
Weed was in a higher abundance.
Cocaine... more pure... cheaper...
I had more friends back then we all played games, went out got drunk, got into fights and blacked out! in that same exact order every damn weekend... sometimes in reverse =]<o~~~


Internet was more pure back then... forums and all that good shit... ESR was more alive... active postings and all kinds of good people... before esports turned into a meme... before it turned into pussy MOBA games... before everything was a MEME
An early 2000s lady... oooo weee
is it or did ladies have some class back then?
i have yet to find me a girl to replace the lady im running with back then

Maybe from all these years of hitting the blunt and liffing life on 80mph in the BIG PL you feel me mane?? the depression has finally settled in

I feel like things truly went out the window after 2010. I have been holding out for things to get better but im losing hope.. well thats just the way i feel. quake champions hit me the worst. what the fuck are they doing to our game /rant

stay strong ESR fam. ill always be here. when you needs me most =]