Imo there are 3 things wrong with the current respawn system in Duel, and the combination of those things in some cases create a one-sided, boring and non-competitive experience of the gametype:

- You can stand in certain spots and force certain respawn points with 100% success rate. In previous Quake games this was not possible, there were locations people would go to after killing their opponent to try and force a spawn in a certain area, and in some spots there was at best a 50% chance of forcing a certain spawnpoint, but never 100% certainty.

- You can delay your respawn for a very long time, much longer than in previous Quake games.

- You always know exactly when your opponent has respawned because the icon of their new champion will light up. Knowing when exactly your opponend had respawned was not possible in previous Quake games.

Let's take a look at how it worked in Quake Live. Let's say you just killed your opponent and start spamming a respawn point. If you don't see your opponent spawning at the spot you're spamming at, this could mean two things:

- He has already respawned at another spawn point
- He is delaying his respawn

In this case the spamming player needs to make a decision:

- He can keep spamming the spawnpoint in the hope that the opponent is delaying his spawn, but if the opponent has already spawned elsewhere then he's wasting precious seconds, since the opponent would already be collecting items and making his way back into the game. He would therefore risk losing control.
- He can stop spamming the spawnpoint and look for the opponent in a different area, or fall back onto items.

This is why in Quake Live delaying your spawn was often an effective way to avoid getting spawnfragged, because it's risky to waste time spamming a spawn point if the opponent did not show up immediately. After all, in the vast majority of the cases there was a bigger chance of him having spawned elsewhere than him delaying his respawn.

In Quake Champions, because you always know wether your opponent has already respawned or not, combined with the fact that standing in certain spots will force a spawnpoint with 100% certainty, it means that the spawnfragger can just keep spamming a spawnpoint until he hits the opponent (if done correctly), or until he sees the icon of the new champion appear, without having to worry about the opponent having spawned elsewhere and losing out on map control.

The solution would be to have more than one possible respawn point where the opponent could respawn at all times, combined with a delay of the appearing of the new champion icon, so that you don't know exactly when your opponent has respawned.
This way it would work more like in Quake Live. We will still see attempts of spawnfragging, and occassionaly we will see spawn frags, but it won't be rediculous and unavoidable like it is now.

A spawnfrag is much more significant in QC compared to QL since there are only 3 champions available per round, it's just silly to see some rounds end after the first kill followed up by 2 cheesy spawn frags.