Hi guys,

Everyone if sit down to play, wants to win.Everyone.
"Try to do your best! Avoid raging thoughts on loose." - this is the main advice around the internet.
But its easy to say to avoid bad thouhgts on loosin', if you're only winning.

My question for you guys:
How do you avoid the bad thoughts?

I'm the type of guy, who if is in any game, go for win, not other.
It's so hard to not thinking about bad things, when you loose map after map, with close battles or with even smashing lost.

How can i think about i'm good, if i'm not, because i didn't reach my expectations about me. For exmaple i just play against a guy, who seemly not has a mastermind movement, or positioning or whatever, but you still try to do your best, and fails. After this do you think or do you have to think you're good? To get self-confidence for the next fight.

Or an other situation:
You lost, but try to not thinking too much just play, a new one.
You type hf, and take a short conversation with the guy during the march. He says this is his/her first duel match. You play this about years, if not exactly duel, but Quake. You feel the air of the QuakeWorld you "live" there too. But you cant hit him enough. He kills you, and you loose.
What do you think after that?
Are you good?

If you try to do your best always, for years you know Quake, do you expect anything from yourselfs? I do. I expect from myself
more intelligent and more precise gameplaying, in every new matches. But its so disapponting, and demoralizing when you lose against someone (even after 2-0 lead) who is not a pro, or a way-high class player.

Or disappointing too when you do wrong decisions in play (out of your will, nobody takes direct-bad-decisions),

or just you lose, because of some ingame fails: failured rocketjump, stucked movement or other stuff.

Or the solution is to not thinking about who is better and who is not? Then how can i improve? How can i beat the pros one day in this way, if i'm not about how good am i?

Pls guys, tell me your experiences and thought on loosing or even winning.
Maybe this is the key for the next level for a lot of us.