New Play Now Screen

New screen layout integrated
Player can choose multiple game modes in quick match and match-make between them randomly
Tutorial videos available from Play Now screen

New Announcer Voice

Early CBT voice back by popular demand

New Social Screen

Player can observe all current in-match players and blocked players
Player can now blacklist players, which blocks invites from unwanted users
Player can now ignore user invites
Player can now report users

Projectile issue fixes

Fixed sync issues involving projectiles and players to decrease amount of miss hits
Lag compensation implemented for state changes of collision boxes


Fixed an issue that could occur when the game would not revert to the player’s native resolution when changing to Borderless mode with a lower aspect ratio
Fixed a localization text issue
Updated the list of supported video cards for more correct auto-detect
Fixed an issue where killed players could become stuck in place and invincible
Fixed an issue where local configurations would not be saved properly when including Cyrillic letters
Fixed an issue where Champions were not synchronized with moving objects


Optimized various memory leaks


Clutch's "Advanced Shielding" passive has been removed
Clutch's Active Ability cool-down has now been set to 40 seconds
Clutch’s Health and Armor stats revised: Health from 150/150 to 100/100; Armor from 50/100 to 100/150
Slash’s Starting Armor increased +25 ap
Profile Progression: XP requirements tweaked
Random Drop: Rebalance of drop rates in Backpacks Crates and Reliquaries
Crafting: Item prices in shards and dismantle values changed


New effect for Ranger’s Dire Orb
Fixed a light effect issue affecting Anarki's Banner vanity item
Fixed an issue affecting audio during Anarki's hover board movement
Fixed issue that could occur with BJ Blazkowicz’s shooting animation while dual-wielding
Fixed a twitching animation issue with BJ Blazkowicz after being shot while idle
Enemies within 120u of the player are outlined
New Clutch acceleration icon added
Fixed an issue where rock and drill medals pop without hitting the 1000 damage requirements
Fixed an issue when RL damage through Clutch's shield


Fixed an issue when the Lightning Gun shaft bloomed when colliding with geometry
Fixed a knock-back issue with the Lightning Gun, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher and Railgun
Fixed an issue when armor shards didn't fall when the player was killed via Gauntlet
New weapon pick-up sound, (temporary, will be updated in the future)


Fixed an issue where the Serial Killer challenge showed the incorrect icon
Fixed an issue where the player could receive already completed Daily Challenges
Fixed an issue where Daily Challenges were not showing progress


Resolved all display issues with the Health and Armor container system
yaw and pitch mouse settings added to the options screen
New smaller high resolution enemy arrow indicators
Improved reliability of enemy arrow indicators
Fixed an issue where the player count could persist in the lobby
Fixed an issue where if the player accepted a party invite while in the lobby, he was transferred in custom game
Fixed issue when Headgear thumbnails are not showing some of the champion's heads


Red soul widget added into HUD
Fixed an issue where the Lightning Gun shaft could split into two
Fixed an issue where spectators saw red markers above the blue team
Fixed an issue where Clutch’s shield was not visible from 3rd person camera
X-Ray now turned on by default
Spectator now sees team-colored outlines on the screen


Fixed an issue when player spawned in 0 coordinates on second game session
Fixed an issue when Champion will briefly appear where killed on respawn
Fixed an issue when full session could stuck on a character presentation screen
Fixed issue when user movement halts briefly when entering a jump-pad


Fixed an issue where the soul pickup HUD marker could persist when the soul isn't on its spawn place
Fixed an issue where the soul can get stuck in any wall and cannot be picked up when User stands close to the wall
Fixed an issue where the soul can be placed in overhead platform side mausoleum on Burial Chamber
Fixed an issue when Soul can become stuck on top of head statue in Side Mausoleum on Burial Chamber
Fixed an issue when enemy Obelisk marker overlapped soul carried HUD
Fixed an issue where the soul effect could be seen on the weapon in first person view
Fixed POI blinking issue
Fixed an issue where picking up the soul immediately after using an ability would cause VFX to stay, preventing the use of that ability until death
Fixed an issue where the Obelisk does not have player collision


Fixed an issue where the draft stage profile level on the nameplate was incorrect
Fixed an issue where on the death screen, the Champion in the middle always highlighted
Fixed an issue where the mouse fire input would be stuck if firing between the transition from warmup to Champion selection
Fixed an issue where the announcer would say "5 minutes warning" at sudden death
Fixed an issue where the Scoreboard would not display a time limit
Fixed an issue when Champion Vanity items did not show when displayed on the podium screen in Duel selection
Fixed an issue when the announcer says "your pick" when an enemy is picking


Various localization fixes
Removed confidential line from watermark


Fixed an issue when Global timestamps were missing zero padding
Fixed an issue when chat didn't work on player presentation screen
Fixed an issue when auto-scroll always worked with every new message


Fixed issue when loot-box text was not showing correctly
Loot Box store visuals improved
Loot Box openings now include category icons for drops
Loot Box openings now include voice over announcements for epic and legendary drops

Additional fixes

Fixed an issue where in Duel lobby, there were no opponents nicknames listed
Fixed an issue where a player would see his own profile picture on all profile pics in Social screen
Fixed an issue where the player could follow blacklisted player
Fixed an issue where the player could get 3 medals Mach Complete and Win during one Duel match
Fixed an issue where the player could not use print-screen while in full-screen


Is new Clutch health/armor a buff or a nerf?