Since, at the moment, I do not have the ability to support the automatic streaming project Quake Live, and given the increasing popularity of Quake Champions, I decided to post the source of the project.

What do I need to start?

For the server part you need a hosting/server with support for php and mysql. Expand the archive on the server, in the file qltv.php we configure the connection to the database.

The client part is unzipped in STEAM_DIR\steamapps\workshop\content\282440\

We open the file bundle.js in the editor, in lines # 51047 and # 51059 instead of http://YOUR_SERVER/qltv.php we register our server.

Running QL with the parameters +set fs_webpath .\..\..\workshop\content\282440\web +set com_hunkmegs "256" +set cg_followkiller "1"

A button "Stream" appears in the menu with servers. After clicking, the game itself will find the server with players who have the highest ELO. Then everything goes in automatic mode. The game will search for servers and switch between them.

Important. Every approximately 18 hours (depending on the computer) the game will hang. With this, unfortunately, there is nothing to be done.