As we all know, upon the release of QC all the former pros will start playing again and the new golden age of Quake will begin.

5v5 TDM will rule the eSport world and Valve will go bankrupt.

Now, who would you like to see as a team, based on the champions' abilities we know so far? Here are my picks:

Cooller as Ranger;
Special ability: Dire Orb (teleport), could be a number of players, but who wouldn't want to see Cooller come back to Quake and teleport everywhere like it's nothink?

Rapha as Visor,
Special ability: Piercing Eye (wallhack), to be 5 steps ahead

if-22 as Nyx,
Special ability: Ghost Walk (invisibility), so he can +back more than ever

rat as Anarki,
Special ability: CPMA movement, just get the best CPMA player ever on the team, kay?

Fatal1ty as Clutch,
Special ability: no idea but he looks OP af, good way for Fat to get additional undeserved titles under his belt!

What's yours?