From news

"id Software's Lead Quake Designer Adam 'SyncError' Pyle and new Esports Director United States of America John 'ZeRo4' Hill recently ventured to IEM Katowice to have CSGO pros try out the game (non-duel)"

They think that TDM in Quake not so good as CSGO.
And trying to take some experience from CSGO pro players.

ok, in 2004 i'm trying to speak with CS players about Quake.

They said:

"Its too fast"

"My fingers were tired"

"Its not fair that you takes armors and quad"

"you jumping like idiot"

"there are no guns in real life like in quake - game lying to us and try to deceit us, but we adult guys and understand that its not real."

Is it means Tim Willits like me in 2004?

Ok, he think like man who aside of Quake life, from common positions like "better to ask, than not to ask".

And why Zero4 Hill not stoped this idea? He cant say to Timm "This complitely different games and people, no need to ask them"

Is it means Zero4 is NOTHING?
Esports Director United States of America John 'ZeRo4' Hill