I've been reading through some threads and seeing people blaming duel as the downfall of Quake. Ofcourse this is debatable, On the other hand I found out there is also a consensus that TDM/CTF in the current state, with the lacking ui/speccing features won't make it a popular or succesful game to watch on twitch for instance.

People concluded the reason why Duel became the preferred format to watch was readressed by Fazz saying duel was easier to follow and provided more clutchplays and casting potential, but on the other hand the pressure of the gamemode made it unworthwhile for a lot of people to keep playing.

So reading that 1000 page thread I started thinking about some possible (mix) of teammodes that would attract any kind of (Quake) player and would offer lots of clutch moments and depth.

I was thinking of the following concepts:


Either 4v4/5v5
Players start with 100/100 stack (debatable)
All weapons (debatable)
5-10 sec respawn


- Hold the flagstand; each 30-60 sec a random powerup will be granted, holding the stand for a two-minute succession makes you win the game.
- Have more frags that the opposing team within 10-15 minutes
- Gain shrines/outpost to spawn more conveniently and have advantage over opposing team

Due to the size of the teams larger maps would be forced to played, but this isn't completely necessary. Each team has a base or spawning point. Players start here. With them spawns a flag (blue or red). The flag is meant to be taken to the center of the map, there the objective is to hold the flag in the flagstand as long as possible. Each 30-60 second holding of the flag gives the holding team a special ability/item (battlesuit/Quad) which will last 10-20 seconds. Holding the flag succesfully for 2 minutes gives the holding team the win (or a morale boost in some sort). Both teams will be actively 'forced' to run flags this way, which will open up a new 'flagrunner' role and add some fresh depth to the game. The flag will be capped just like in regular CTF.

Shrines: On all the maps of this gametype there will also be 2 shrines, Located closer to the flagstand. These shrines are based on a domination style system where being in the proximity of the shrine makes you able to cap shrine. The advantages of having a shrine in control will allow your team to spawn at this node to make them able to reach the flagstand or the enemy base faster. Bonus features can be assigned to the shrines but this shouldn't be necessary, but can leave option open.

The above mentioned ideas make way for new roles and teambased play that combines CTF, FFA, TDM and DOM. Ofcourse having great DM skill, aim and timing in some sense is required to become a high-tier player in the game, but starting with a CA-esque stack and weapons makes this mode more accessible to newbies aswel.


Healer (debatable)

Since there will be heroes with certain abilities or perks, choosing the proper hero for the above mentioned role will be more beneficial or add to the dynamic of the game.


- Teams also have an altar or something of value in their base which must be protected. Destruction of the altar will result in loss, furthering the importance of defence and tactics. Added with this is the possibility to gank (imagine the drama and spectator hype). (more DOM Moba focus)
- Shrines will also give bonusses (DOM, Moba-esque)
- Perks that come with roles: ie spawning with certain weapons
- Item pickups on the map: weapons, hp, armors (TDM)
- Fragcap, or x amount more than opponent = win (TDM)
- No self or teamdmg (CA focus)
- add anything you guys are suggesting
- Make above variations rulesets for various tiers = win win for every playerlevel

Or something like the above but as in Full-blow CTF/TDM without the extra shrines and altar but keep the flagstand and make it an offense-based shooter. Removes depth, adds action, but in turn makes it less interesting for spectators.

I think something like this could breath some new life into the game. Timing items is still possible and will give an edge but won't result in shut-outs like it does in current TDM. Also, this game mode allows a whole range of teamstyles to be played. You can all decide to just play ultra agressive and demolish the opposing team by playing +fwd and dominate the other team by outfragging them or choose a more tactical approach and outbrain the opponent.

I think this sounds like a good idea. I would certainly play it. What do you guys think about something like this? I think Quake with a gamemode like this can stay a true Quake while surpassing OW's gameplay for instance.

Keep an open mind and remember what direction/course idsoftware is taking for QC.