Hello friends,

Is it just me or do some of you find it kind of messed up that some of the best Quake players are playing shitty roles in Overwatch?

In my opinion, I find it a waste that Cooller is playing support for ANOX. Coolller is one of the best players in Quake, and his aim is insane, not to mention, his popularity in the community,

But, instead, he's playing a support class, a healer, and not really doing shit, which to me, seems like a waste of talent. Like IDC about these TF2 noobs on your team...Cooller is Cooller. A god amongst gamers. Give him a real role.

Let's move on to USA teams....Team Liquid. Rapha, Dahang, iD..all extremely talented Quake players and again playing roles that I believe are below them. Rapha as flex is a waste. His Zaryha is insane good. DaHang as support makes no sense...yes, he's a great healer, but his aim and game smarts over qualify him for a support role. iD could probably play any role.

Basically, my point is, I'm sad that I watched all my favorite Quake players lose to some TF2/CSGO idiots. You guys are worth and better than them any day of the week. I hope to see smarter comps in the future and I hope the community agrees, as fans of Quake players. <3 gisele