In a recent interview with the German gaming-site England Kevin 'arQon' Blenkinsopp talked about the modding-scene, his current work-ons and plans.

Here's an excerpt:
eGames: When you look at the modding-scene today, how would you describe it in just three words?
arQon: Bunch of idiots. Modding is utterly thankless work that basically only has two outcomes: you fail; or you 'succeed' and then have to deal with a crowd that demands everything, gives you nothing in return, and generally treats you like shit while reaping the fruits of your time and effort. I'd call it 'voluntary slavery', except that slaves at least got food and housing, and less abuse. Just to be even more insulting, if you create something wildly popular, companies like Epic will simply copy it without so much as a credit and try to pass it off as their own idea.
You can find the first part of the interview here.
It's been split into three parts and the other ones are coming very soon.

Here's the second part of the interview. This time I left it unedited, except for the paragraphs. Along with the third part I'll release the original and unedited transcript as text-file.

Second part (
First part (