There is going to be a new Quake, with special abilities for champions, and the return of these damn timers. Man I HATE change, I really do. In almost everything in life. Common feeling I suppose.

Still, I find myself pretty optimistic with the new title for now and I refuse to jump in the hate train for the Quake to come. I see a lot of irony here and there, people are making fun of the game while we didn't see much and compare it to Overwatch, say id are incompetent and they will fuck up the game and so on. I'm almost sure if the game was released today as a free demo like they did with DOOM before the lauchned, we would see a massive amount of downvote on the steam page with comments like "this is no Quake, congratz id you fucked it all", "go and play QL, this is low Overwatch copy", etc.

This would be stupid. And, even if the game happens to be shit and you think it is, I think it would be a bad idea to downvote it and bash it online. If you don't like it, at least ignore it. The way I see it is that, if you like arena games, and the next Quake is going to be the one which has the chance to be advertised massively, then you will ruin everything by downvoting it or hating on it. Because, if a massive amount of people play Quake Champions, they might get interested in other games of the genre such as QL, Reflex, maybe Diabotical, and these games you might find better than Quake Champions will actually benefit from a new popular Quake (if Quake Champions is bad for QL / Reflex lovers, they will stick to QL / Reflex mostly so I'm not sure the games will die).

Long story short, even if I would be the perfect guy to bash this game, I won't do it, and I hope the community gets actually more positive. The game is very early in devlopment, let's try to bring constructive criticism.

Something difficult for Quake Champions will be to satisfy a majority of current players + seduce newcomers. I think a classic mode will be needed to gather everyone in the same place).

Now, if we take the new things we have seen in the trailers and so on, here are some points I'd like to talk about :

Timers :

I am a bad timer, I hate it because I am a noob and I forget everything, etc. Yet, I find it's one of the most important part of Quake. I only discovered timing quite late when I got interested in the competitive scene in 2009 or something. When I played Q3 in solo when I was younger, I think the default setting had no clock so I didn't even think for one second timing was possible. Timing mistakes is what can turn a game, it's an absolutely fantastic skill to master and will make a difference and bring upsets in high level games.

Still, to me, Quake lacks noob teaching and help. The basic game is too rough and it isn't clear to a newcomer what the possibilities are and the imperative things in the game to master (moves, timing, aim). So, I think the timers might actually be a good thing, but not for the high level. I think a ranked timing system could benefit all players and satisfy the oldschoolers like me who think that dumbing down the game with timers is going to far off the Q3 / QL model which has proven to be solid and bring good games for 16 years now.

I suppose the game will have tiers, I hope so at least, so, let's say there are four tiers, I think a system like this would make sense :

Tier 1 : Full timer (with every second visible on top of item)

Tier 2 - Tier 3 : Quarter time timers (like we see in the leaked video I think). Less precise than the first one, to allow more mistake.

Tier 4 : No timers. Players should have learnt the time by this level, or at least understand what timing is about and work on it.

Another thing now, "Champions"

Curiously, I actually have no real problem with special abilities. At first, I thought I'd throw me off the window, but in the end... I find myself quite neutral. To me, these special capabilities are in some way "micro-powerups". There is invisibility powerup in Q3 / QL, there is teleporter (ok not the same way... but still), etc.

The real problem I have with this is that you have to chose a precise champion to have a particular ability. But I hate Ranger ! I don't like Anarki at all ! The most awesome thing in QL was to chose a character you thought had a badass look, or a cool sound. This champion system will force people to use characters they don't like. I'm well aware this is a minor issue though, but I would gladly enjoy the fact that it's possible to chose a special ability with any character. You chose Ranger, but you prefer wallhack, then be it, because it's the capability that changes the game, not the model.

Tell me what you think of all this random rant and propositions. I think we have the time to bring positive things and ideas. I hope Sync or people from id will follow this site a bit because it's an important one for the QL community. We need to open a thread with ideas for monetisation also if it's not the case yet, etc. Game is early in devlopment, this is the moment to try to encourage devlopers and do our best to make them chose a path that is respected by the actual community while not immediately insulting them because they bring "micro-powerups" into the game play.

Also, we got to find a way to make this new game popular in Asia (Russia doesn't count), how come they rule the SC scene in 1v1 but never got into QL 1v1 ? Asia ! And, please consider having multiple language support in the menus (not voices in game and such, not important). To me, it's better if young ones that suck in english can comprehend the description of champions, tutorials for strafe jumps and rocket jumps, etc. because a lot of people have a lack of skill in english and they have to have the maximum of information into the game without having to go on youtube to check of ask things on forums.