The Quake Live Update v1069 has just been released today. Among a few fixes (hello Elder's fog), the changelog also contains a new addition to the servers that brings us "alternate death effects through workshop".

And at the same time, the "Gibs!" workshop item was just released!

Come and check Quake Live on Discord to congratulate the devs for this new addition.

Here is the complete changelog:
- add server support for alternate death effects through workshop
- fixed inability to look around after issuing a map_restart while paused
- grappling hooks on dead and disconnected players weren't freed, resulting in the hook snapping from player to player
- clientmute now properly mutes team chat
- fixed some random color issues on map rotation error output
- powerups and keys were spawning before the minimum amount of time at map start
- elder: fixed doubled up fog volume
- ironworks: fixed ffa spawns
Source: The Forum