I knew this fulltime cuck wouldn't respond. I just thought it was a good idea at first since we were both streamers.

On second thought, this guy has proven to me he is a bitch. I rather give this lifetime blessing to someone who deserves it.

Honestly, like I just got a question for all of you who are like drejk (I've noticed there are a few):

Why the fuck do you guys even stream? You literally got zero interraction with the chat or the people watching your stream. Fuck the content. If you just sit there being fat and quiet, please don't waste twitch bandwidth. Now I may not be super interractive on my stream yet, but im trying my best and hey im new at this fucking shit.

You drejk however, having 600 followers have the most boring stream i have ever seen. You literally made me shoot a bullet through my 144hz monitor cause it was that bad. And to all you 3-4 viewers you got on your stream. Im talking to you guys now: If you got nothing better to do than to sit in his stream. You need to change your life or just end it brah.