I saw here a theread in which some people abused the map. Respawn, design, key

My expert opinion:

The quake spawns must be selectable after death
Elder has an excellent scheme,
The key - a very cool innovation!
2 Yellow 1 Red 1 mega - Best choice

-cool scheme!!!!!!!!!!!!
-cool armors
-best design!

-No RailGun=No cheat =) Thats why

Mappool now:
Battleforged, Blood Run, Cure, Elder, Furious Heights, Hektik, Sin

Maps that I recommend
Battleforged, Blood Run, Cure, Elder, Elder, Elder, Furious Heights, Delirium, Delirium, Delirium, Delirium, Sinister, LostWorld,, LostWorld,, LostWorld,, LostWorld,

Hektik, aero - shit promode maps, burn in hell forever