After several successful tournaments held for the past couple of months by ESL4 ESL, it seems things are really heating up when it comes to ESL and UT4 UT4. As announced by ESL, they are holding new leagues across two continents. Yet again we are seeing players from Europe and North America competing in the Spring Duel and 2on2 TDM leagues, starting on April 18th. The league format will be group stages with playoffs.

UT4 Pre-Alpha 1on1 Spring League

UT4 Pre-Alpha 2on2 TDM Spring League

ESL UT4 Pre-Alpha Spring League 2016

If you're just up for some fun and trying out how the new UT4 game feels, join the channel @ GlobalGamers for some pickup games!

Links: ESL4 Cup main page, UT4 Free UT4 pre-Alpha download