... And the game runs amazingly smooth. I mean the menu is so clean and simple, the feeling of the engine is very good, i like the sounds even if it's still work in progress, and i have like 300+fps stable or something like that in lowest settings (i5 6500 + GTX 970), didn't try high GFX settings but even on lowest the game is still pretty.

I have one question tho, regarding my mouse sensitivity. I have in_mouse 2 in quakelive and windows sens at default and sensitivity set to 1 (at 1800dpi 500hz plug&play (no drivers)).
When i set sensitivity to 1 in reflex is soooooo slooowwww :D. I then tried 5 and it felt much better, but it's still not EXACTLY the same sens than in quakelive.

So what sensitivity value i have to put to get the exact same sens than in quakelive ?