In '99 i played both games + UT99 for DC with Mouse & Keyboard until i got my first PC in 2003 :)

I just saw some new vids about both games, one featured a mouse & keyboard input :)

Sega AM2 *Outtrigger*

DC SP First Look: Outtrigger (Dreamcast) Mouse

DC SP Outtrigger playthrough (Dreamcast) Joypad

Q3A Dreamcast vs PC

DC Quake III: Arena (Mini-Review & Impressions Online) (Sega Dreamcast) (Still Online!)

DC UT'99 Phobos Moon

Why Dreamcast is Awesome - Episode 3: Superior Control

RUS Channel with Dreamcast Qauke3Arena hacking :D
DC Outtrigger - Online is Dead

Metropolis Street Racer
Metropolis Street Racer | Radio Stations & Tokyo Songs.

To my DC playing times, Phantasy Star Online was played by many *friends*, i played only Q3A with the PC guy's & UT99 & Metropolis Street Racer ... fun times R.I.P.