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Hidden in the shadows
Watching from the distance
Watching veteren sorrows
As more updates are followed


Basicly it's me. For those of you who don't know who I am, I am cmss. I am the one who kept quake alive, to a certain extent. Without a doubt.
What I did was magical, kk?

But don't fool me for someone / something I am not.

After finally finishing uni last year, I now work at different business maintaining and relating technical issues. Mainly website based stuff and yes basicly a IT assistant.

I had sex
No wife
No kids

Roses r wed
Vuluts blue
I'm ear tu fuk u

... Ok in leaving the topic here.

Just wanted to say that my times on quake decrease as I had no motivation. I had nothing to play for. I focused on real life issues but now I'm back. Going to start practicing for these Sunday cups. But my aim sucks more cock then liefje Rn so gg. Kk?

Oh, I also like the update so we can talk in game. WINK WINK ayy lmao

Oh an one more thing, I'm going to insomnia in December, and its going to be full of Dota and cs scrubs. Hoping someone else there is willing to play some quake. Hit me up.

Gonna edit when I think more stuff to say or I'll put dat shit in an udder thread right.