Hey esr, I made this map in reflex called Parkourstation and it aims to teach movement to new players.

this is the map, there's a video in the first post even if it's a bit outdated:


I been "monitoring" new players and it turns out it helps them but it lacks of proper support, usually, without a coach you can't really figure some things.

There's lack of proper ingame support atm, the way the map is designed tries to ease the learning curve, notice that there's a bunch of easy tricks before circlejumping and strafejumping, but still, I can't add ingame messages for now unless I make LUA magic, that will be a waste of time.

However, when players understand what you can do with the map architecture and the physics it kinda changes the vision of how the game is played and how it works; i randomly encountered a youtuber who featured reflex thru this map and he was like "I'm pretty sure people will love this kind of game because movement is very nice". I was a bit confused but he also said he had no clue it worked this way. Here's the video:


My question is, at the current state of the map what would you do to improve the learning process?

any feedback and trolling is welcome.