I usually just stalk these forums, but I just had to post this.

I'm mainly a CA and insta player, but I definitely enjoy watching the duel leagues going on every month. I've dabbled in duel and other game modes, but most of my friends stick to the easier ones, so that's where I am mostly.

For the most part, I just stay quiet and keep to myself on public servers, but for some reason this player named "derb_" has a terrible grudge against me and my clan P4F.

About a month ago I'm just spec'ing quietly and waiting to join the a game and derb_ callvotes to kick me. It was a server mostly of my friends, so it really backfired on him. He starts spewing profanities and attempts to kick the server owner. That led to his own kick from the server.

Fast forward up to yesterday, and I'm in a pub server minding my own business. It became a lop-sided game after a high skilled player joined my team. I think derb_ joined the server when the score was 3-1.

The following round, I had a pretty good run with a nice LG wall-pin to rail combo, then I cleaned up with some easy jumppad LG kills. I'm not a rockstar by any means, but I do have my moments. But immediately after this round, derb_ starts to berate me, calling me a hacker, and harassing me.

I'm not here to cry like a little baby; I'm a big boy and can handle stupid behavior. I'm just curious what the community thinks about his accusation.

Here's the video starting from the round derb_ joined, up until right before he left (when the game kinda got too lop-sided).