Tips/tricks from a friend:

Lay low for the first few weeks and size up everyone in your tier. Get to know them as much as possible. If you go in guns blazing thinking youre the shit no one will like you. Once you do meet a few people it really helps to pass time by playing games, scrabble, chess or poker.

Pro tips: Getting a job is pretty sweet too, it passes time and allows you to move around the prison a lot more.
Laundry duty ;) And I know it's not your choice but if you can avoid a kitchen job you're in the clear.

Stock up on commissary food. It's the method of payment in jail. You can only order it once a week. And no one knows how to conserve, so they run out 2-3 days after it comes.
When they do, they will come to you and you can make deals like 2 for 1 chips or whatever. Once I bought my first batch of commissary, I barely ever had to buy anything else. I was hustlin food big time.

Pro tip: Make sure you watch them deposit funds into their account before you spot them anything.

Write letters! Receiving a letter esp from girls is like waking up on Xmas morning as a kid.

Smoking in prison:
To start a flame or wick to light a cig or joint, you twist up toilet tissue tight like you were ringing it out. Leave the end loose though. Then take pencil lead and thread it through the loose end. Put a plug of something half way in the electrical socket. Then simply touch the lead to the prongs of the plug and watch the spark that occurs light that tissue paper like the Fourth of July. Recommend keeping your face as far away as possible. The spark that occurs is pretty damn violent lol. Then you can simply blow out the flame and the twisted part of the tissue will burn for quite awhile. Just keep blowing on it or waving it around so air keeps it smoldering.

Pro tip: hustle niggaz for pencils.

Making alcohol:
You just take a bunch of fruit, oranges for example. Squeeze all the juice into a container. Put a few slices of bread a bag and poke some holes in it. Put the bag in the container of juice and add a bunch of sugar. Add more sugar every day and be sure to open the container once a day to release the pressure. Keep doing that and let it ferment for 3-4 weeks. It's not the best tasting stuff but it'll work.
prison wine:

Candy shank:

Weaponizing trash:

Lamb shank:

Toothbrush shank

I feel safe being raped: