Is it any good ? Can some informed people link me to the best threads about this mouse ?

sensor is 3050, if i'm correct, it's the same sensor bst wanted to use in his ninox velocity. Dpi range is from 250 to 2000 and afaik max tracking speed is close to 4+m/s.

shape is like the kinzu v1 so super-good then :). I guess build quality and switches are nice too, coming from steelseries.

my mate lanf3ust is using it at 1000dpi 1000hz and he told me the tracking felt even better than with the kana v2 :O

So, what you guys know about this mouse ? Any good threads about it ? ;)

btw, i don't plan to buy and try it, because i'm currently entierely satisfied by my abyssus 2014, but i'm just curious, you know :p