Toxic has announced Early Access Beta which you will be able to get a taste of on 22.1.2015.

Why another Toxikk thread?

Since we are all aware that Arena FPS is dying since QL has been on a thin ice, i cri erytim , and since i dont believe Reflex or Reborn will bring it back, because in my opinion games like Quake or Reflex in that matter are not noob friendly games, thats why i think it wouldnt last more then a year or two. It just demands too much skills from a newcomer. So that brings me back to Toxikk. Toxikk is abit slower paced game by movement than quake or reflex (no strafe, bunny...), it has an attractive looks (which matters for newones) and the last thing i would bring up are added vehicles, which is in my opinion a good thing, since it will attract even more people, because most popular games like CoD (killstreaks) and BF have them. So to close it up, i think theres a chance that Toxikk can have a bigger influence on a future of Arena FPS games. But will get a better glimpse of it on 22.1. through first look of Beta.

P.S.: I didnt forget about UT4, since we cant expect it before 2016.

To get an early access to Toxikk, you have to buy the game.

Toxikk store:

Announcement of Beta:;theater