Wanted to create a poll to get some other feedback, but not sure if I can. Anyway, from this poll in 2012 with 268 votes and 12,010 hits, what would the consensus be at this time?

Taken from: http://www.esreality.com/post/2246831/why-do-...quakelive/


I/we have loved all quake games, and supported them as much as I/we can, with constructive feedback, unfortunately like most, a large proportion of balance was not listened to. There have been some good changes down the years, and some bad ones. Some you can live with some you can't.

The transparency of some of the decisions do not seem logical, or identified / reasoned / notified to our, living / revenue generating, supportive! community. However, if they are for the good for the game with transparency given, and are for the bigger picture (unknown and unfathomable to us), and therefore will work, that is fine. HOWEVER>

Would be interesting to see the responses from new joiners to the game, and existing players responses to changes or to just the new overall play, at this current time of steam release.

will the polls shift.