Sup guys, since i don't play QL after the update I decided to back to GIMP and learn a bit more about graphic design. Since I still love Quake, of course, I decided to start this thread and a series about wallpapers inspired by Top Quake Players.

First one of the series, of course, is COOLLER. You can check my work here:

I really hope you'll live it, but feel free to give any kind of feedback.

Now it's where stuff gets interesting. It is not easy at all to find the raw material to do a good wallpaper, so I'd like to ask you all to post some picture that you would like to be turned into a wallpaper. Please nothe that these have to be HIGH RESOLUTION ,otherwise they're little to no use. Right now I'd love to work on some pictures of Cypher, but I'm open to anything that inspires me. Hope you will help, gl&hf.

EDIT: Almost forgot, thanks to Teen Queen and Ash for helping me out with Cooller's achievement list and some team logos.