An article about pollutants in mousepads along with my tendency to be paranoid (I didn't always have that, it was induced by the drugs in my tap-water. I swear!) recently convinced me, that I shouldn't replace my tiny mousepad by just buying a larger one. Since this was my initial plan, I am now somewhat lost. Obviously I have to somehow make my own pad, but that seems to be rather difficult. If I just nail several layers of stretched cloth to my desk, it would probably look and function like dirty laundry more than anything else within a few weeks of use. The guides on "how to make your own mousepad" I found scattered across the internet usually involved cutting out nice pictures and gluing them to another mousepad to make it look nicer, which wasn't exactly helpful to me. Has anyone else tried doing something like this? Any ideas on how to do it properly? On a scale from 1 to this how unnecessary are my concerns about polluted mousepads?