Help me with my dissertation research!

I am aiming to see if personality traits are associated with moral disengagement and attitudes towards committing violence in violent/shooter video games, such as Halo, Half-life, etc. Moral disengagement allows people who feel uncomfortable with their actions in a particular situation to justify their behaviour and relieve feelings of guilt/negative affect. The traits I will be investigating will be locus of control, empathy, affect and immersive tendencies (i.e how easily someone becomes absorbed in a game/film).

I also want to investigate whether moral disengagement is associated with a positive attitude towards committing violence in a video game context- research has suggested that people who have a tendency to disengage from their morals easily are more likely to view violence as acceptable, because they feel less guilt due to their disengagement.

So if you have a spare ten mins and play shooter/violent games, please take part!


Thankyou for your response!