France strenx gave an interview at ESWC 2013 and talked a bit about quake live and his life. Here is what he said about QL briefly :

- He might stop competitive gaming after Shootmania, depending on his mindset.

- He will probably stop Shootmania after ESWC, and may go to DH.

- Quake will always have a special place in his heart and he'll always play it as a hobby, and even go to event if he can be sponsored to go there. He remains a Quaker above all.

- About Cypher : he considers Cypher a complete genius, respects a lot his carreer and considers him a good friend.

- Apparently, id software have planned to released a QL 2.0, with a different browser, easier access, free-to-play... We might be on something exclusive "on there" :p.

Interview i here, in French :