Hi, I've been interested in getting involved with competitive gaming, and got into HAWKEN about a year ago.


It's a mech themed FPS that aspires to be an esport played competitively in various gaming circuits.

The game is in Open Beta, and uses the Free to Play system, offering cosmetics as and XP/Currency boosters for purchase.

Here's the thing:

I don't think the developers have any understanding of what you need to have a properly competitive game, or the experience to accomplish the goal.

They seem too guarded about their design decisions, and tend to argue with their community rather than open themselves up and accept feedback.

I feel like perhaps the developers do not trust the experience and knowledge of their playerbase.

I am very much into the mech theme, and have been a strong supporter of the game since early Alpha builds. I think they really have something unique (in the sense that it's not your usual sci-fi or military shooter) to offer, and I'm saddened that they are actively making the game worse with every patch.

They keep adding new content rather than fixing the old, and a lot of their changes serve only to worsen the overall balance of the game rather than bring it in line.

I've come to this forum in the hope that maybe some experienced "comp" players could take a look at the game, identify the problems and maybe write up a big list together proposing solutions.

If need be, I'll personally walk you through the game mechanics so that you have a greater understanding of the game to make identifying the core issues of the game easier.

I personally have an open line of communication with the dev team, and I know they value my feedback in favour of the rest of the community. Thing is, I don't think I have enough experience with esports/competitive games to be able to make good recommendations regarding game balance and features.

I hope it's alright to have posted a thread like this, as I genuinely care about the game wish to see it flourish into the esport is aspires to be.

Feel free to check out my Youtube channel for HAWKEN videos if you're curious about the game.


I am considered on of the best players in that game's community, so it might give you an idea of what the game is like, when being played at a higher than average level. I'm not saying I'm a pro player in general, just that given the mechanics of the game I have pretty much hit the skill cap. Now Quake 3 CPMA on the other hand... not so great xD

Anyway thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me out!