Offensive style : +forward +positioning
Defense style : +back +positioning
Combat skills : aim/dodges
Map control : items cycling (pacman), stack advantage

I start with evil, rapha, cypher and cooller.

Offensive style : 10/10 (very strong with close range rockets and agressive shaft, knows how to time the opponents rockets perfectly, also knows exactly when to start +forward)
Defensive style : 7/10 (not that strong with mid/long range rockets, but good rail and nice shaft)
Combat skills : 8/10 (very solid offensive shaft, very good rail, good dodges, but not so good raw aim)
Map control : 8/10 (very strong when in control, can lock a map quite easily)

Offensive style : 7/10
Defensive style : 10/10 (perfect positioning, ultra strong med to long range rockets)
Combat skills : 7/10 (very good at dodging, decent when it comes to raw aim)
Map control : 9/10 (very good at both "in control" and "out of control")

Offensive style : 9/10 (strong shaft, strong rockets, very good at being sneaky/dodgy)
Defensive style : 9/10 (very strong mid to long range rockets, strong defensive shaft, good positioning)
Combat skills : 8/10 (good dodges, good aim)
Map control : 7/10 (cypher usually do not play the items at 100%, he relys more on his ability to read the opponent, and doing damages)

Offensive style : 8/10 (good at basically everything)
Defensive style : 6/10 (not that good at being sneaky, definitely not the best defensive player)
Combat skills : 9/10 (raw aim not THAT good but insane dodges and "reactive aim", also very good rockets)
Map control : 10/10 (the constrictor, running around the map like pacman, insanely strong when "in control")

What about k1llsen, spart1e, strenx, dem0n, baksteen, ash, pavel, toxjq and so on ?
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