Hello again kenya maps lovers !

We're back for another tournament, with a brand new website, which should allow us to run tourneys way more often !
This one will be 2on2 for a change, and will happen Sunday 12 May, around 14 CET ( it depends on the amount of signups ).
It's open to all players in Europe, noobs and veterans, and we hope to see some rookie teams kick some oldschoolers on these "new" maps !
It will be Bo3 all the way up, and Bo5 for the semis and finals.

Now find a teammate, and run a bit on the maps we chose :

- Bravadob5
- Doomed
- Rwild

You can download them on our mappool page and will find a list of the servers on which you can play on the servers page, which will be updated as soon as people start uploading the maps.

Start training now, and join #qwenya !

Oh and as you might see, the site is not yet polished as it should, so feel free to give some feedback about it.