Here are the FACEIT Daily Cups for 22 to 25 April. All the cups will kick off at 13:30 CDT, with check-ins opening at 12:30 CDT.

Monday will feature the Level 4 and Level 8 duel cups, while on Wednesday the other two levels, 6 and 10, will be able to face each other off.

This we will be featuring two Clan Arena cups instead of Team Deathmatch. On Tuesday the CA 2v2 Daily Cup will take place, while on Thursday teams of four can get their fix. You can create a team in the right top corner, be sure to only add one extra person to the team (2/4 - depending which cup - players per team max.). If you are already in a team, you will have to quit it. Be sure all players check-in.
This does not mean we will stop hosting TDM cups, but we will be alternating every week between TDM and CA.

Don't forget you can play on the FACEIT QL Ladder every evening from 13:00 CDT till 19:00 CDT!

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