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Rating: 8.3 (100 votes)
After a while I'm back with another Quakeworld movie. Unlike Sweetheart, this one has been made mainly to have fun with the synchronization on a track I like, and to use the camera tool from ezQuake. So, even if it has been a LOT of work, it's really short, and has a 1 minute intro/outro. I hope you'll enjoy it though!

Starring: United States of America B1aze, Sweden Carapace, Sweden Dimman, Sweden Dsharp3, Sweden Ganon, Norway Kaffi, Sweden Kapo, Finland Mazer, Finland Milton, Sweden Od, Sweden Phex.

Music by Venetian Snares. Made with EzQuake, lots of custom textures, items, .lit files. Pack available part1 & part2. Shot at 60fps and 720p. Edited with After Effects, encoded with Handbrake.

Many Thanks to Carapace for the oldcrat section, and to B1aze for sending me tons of fantastic stuff, and french community for being div99. Keep sending me demos, I hope to make more of this. You can contact me @ Jissse on irc.Quakenet.org, #qw.fr. Hugs and Kisses to the Quakeworld players. Register to igmdb.org.