Hey guys,

What do you think of the Razer Orochi as a normal gaming mouse (not for mobile gaming) ?
I'm searching for a small mouse (coz I'm used to the kinzu) with a good sensor. Orochi came into my mind bcoz it's the only small mouse with a laser sensor, but I'm not sure if its performing well since I couldn't find many reviews from gamers.
Furthermore is it true that the Orochi 2013 can only be used with batteries? I red something like when you plug in the cable the batteries get charged while the mouse still receives the power from the batteries :o That would suck as the mouse gets much heavier then....
So would you recommend the Orochi and if so, would you rather go for the old or the 2013 version?
(And im aware of Zowie mice but my decision is more between Kinzu v2 and the Orochi)