Message relay bot, can advertise duels, can send messages from in-game to IRC (automatically includes server info & elo) and IRC to in-game, you need to add the account QLM to your QL friends list, - #qlmsg on

I've been idling in a couple of Quakeworld channels on Quakenet (and occasionally playing QW) and I noticed that the QW community has a cool communications system known as ServeMe/QWNet ( link1 / link 2 / link 3 ). I'm sure some of you are familiar with it, but if not, basically what it does is relay messages between QW community IRC channels and to QW servers. QL is limited in its abilities compared to QW, but still I thought that it would be cool if Quake Live had something similar, so in my spare time over the past few days I put together a message relay system known as Quake Live Messenger (QLM). It was originally based on a half-assed version I did for the US pickup channel, but this one is better with fewer bugs.

Purpose: The purpose of the QLM bot is to make QL-related announcements, find players, request duels, organize games, send short messages. It is not to be used for spam; to reduce spam, players can currently only send 1 message every X minutes (currently 2 mins), and players may be banned by admins for abuse, etc.

In short, here's what it can do:

-- Advertise that you're looking for a duel (sends message with address of your current server & ELO information to all IRC channels and online bot users) (list of players is also on website here)

-- Send messages from QL website (chatbox) OR more importantly, from in-game (/tell_buddy) to multiple IRC channels or to a single channel as well as all other users who use the bot

-- Send messages from IRC to in-game players who also use the bot

-- Send a message from one IRC channel to all other channels that the bot is in

How to use:
Add the QL name QLM to your QL friends list. If the bot is online then your friend request will be accepted instantly. Visit the website to learn how to use (its super easy, I promise). Also, you can download a QL cfg that binds the commands to keys, which is easier than doing /tell_buddy QLM blah blah blah.

I added this bot to a few channels so far (we still have room for 17 more channels, so if you want the bot in your chan, let me know)


Website -- how to use, message log, duel requests, has pretty pictures of what the bot can do, just click the 'Click Here!' buttons on the site --

Main IRC: #qlmsg on