I've been making a lot of hot chocolate recently. I started with standard hot chocolate powder mix, but I moved on to trying a few different kinds (from "aztec spiced" hot chocolate to white chocolate stuff), and ultimately ended up using cocoa powder with honey. They're all damn good. I make it in huge 1.5-2L jugs (essentially coffee presses or juice jugs), which satisfies my craving for awesomeness.

Anyway, I have a question for ESR: how much of each ingredient do you use? I'm not necessarily asking how much chocolate powder you use - everyone will use a different amount, depending on how much sweet they can handle. I want to know how much water and how much milk you use. Today, I tried a 1:1 ratio of water:milk, and it wasn't that great. I usually go with around 3:1, which is pretty good. I can't really handle extremely hot stuff, so the milk is necessary.

[13:07:20] <KittenIgnition> k, i learned something new today
[13:07:32] <KittenIgnition> if you make hot chocolate with a 1:1 milk:water ratio, it kinda sucks
[13:07:51] <KittenIgnition> it should be at most 1:4
[13:08:06] <KittenIgnition> needs more water, otherwise the milk kinda kills the chocolate flavor
[13:08:19] <Goku> hot chocolate with water
[13:08:20] <Goku> what
[13:08:20] <KittenIgnition> especially since the crappy hot chocolate powder is already milk chocolate
[13:08:36] <KittenIgnition> do you make hot chocolate with whiskey?
[13:09:26] <medve_a_maci> you make it with cucumber and milk
[13:09:56] <Goku> hot chocolate with milk perhaps
[13:09:58] <Goku> you know
[13:10:00] <Goku> like the normal people do
[13:10:52] <KittenIgnition> nobody makes hot chocolate with only milk...
[13:11:25] <Goku> well
[13:11:25] <Goku> I do
[13:11:26] <Goku> :/

tl;dr hot chocolate is awesome, how much milk and how much water do you use?