powaah's account:!profile/summary/powaah
jewro's account:!profile/summary/jeWro



He had many others accounts, and most of them got banned.


Ok, so, let me summarize for you:

he's a well known swedish dueler, overall he has good aim, particularly his LG.
He's not the best dueler ever, but still more than decent at duel, if not (very) good. On a good day, hhe can beat any sub-top player. He's an LG whore, just like me, if not more. He likes to abuse his LG againstt basically everyone. Like I said, on a good day, he can out-aim almost anyone. But IMO hhe misses that little thing that makes you a top player. If you're good enough, he will probably NEVER beat you, not even once.
So, basically, we played like 30-40 games together. Both in 1v1 CA and 2v2 CA. Out of these games, I don't remember a single time where he beats me, well, maybe once or twice, but that's all. Still, he can give me some sort of challenge when I play him. Very often scores are like 20-15 in my favor. So, as you can guess, sometimes he's very close to beat me, but at the end, I always win.
Yesterday we played like 6 games at 1v1 CA, on thunderstruck, ofc. Out of these 6 games, I managed to win only the first one (!profile/matches/He...1fd90/ca/1 ), as you can see, I had 36% LG, and hhe had 31%.
But suddenly, the following games we played he had more than 41%+ LG accuracies. Basically, he out-aimed me hard. Here is a little exemple of what I'm saying :!profile/matches/He...1fd90/ca/1
By out-aiming, I mean fucking OUT-aiming me. With scores like 20-7, 20-8 in his favor.
I mean, look at this:!profile/matches/He...1fd90/ca/1 , fucking 51% LG, god-like.
How can he become so good in such a short ammount of time ? How can he beat me so easily all of a sudden ?
IMHO, there's only 1 answer :

This little kid called Nikola is a well known serbian CA player. He's only 15 years old, with like 2 years of time played. He didn't play q3, well, maybe he did, but just for fun vs bots etc. When he doesn't cheat, just like jewro, he can give me some sort of challenge. Often games are like 20-14 in my favor. He's good, you can't deny. I had faith in this little prodigy, I thought that he was the next very best CA player in europe. With like 2-3 more years of practice, I thought that he could beat anyone.
But that was before what happened yesterday :
So, out of 20 games we played together (both at 1v1 and 2v2), he managed to beat me like 3-4 times, but not more. But this time, I don't know, it was hopeless. It felt hopeless at least. I mean, he was like insanely good, and my dodges didn't seem to work at all, just take a look at this:!profile/matches/He...1fd90/ca/1
fucking 46% LG while I only hit 37%. 40% fucking percent SG. 56% railgun and 73%RL vs my litttle 33%. Just insane. So, after that, I decided to play more to see if it wasn't luck or something. Same story. Hopeless. I get raped hard with scores like 20-6, 20-8 at best.
He came up with these excuses : "I'm playing at my bro, new CRT 120HZ, razer deathhadder 450cpi, and your dodges are bad".
Tried to play him today, and what he said to me to justify his shaky but still DEADLY aim "i'm playing with the kinzu". Same score, 20-5 for him, with 48 fucking % LG, vs my little 36%.
How can he adapt from the deathadder to the kinzu so fast ? How can he manage to hit such high accuracies ?
One word :

Also, he got many different accounts, and most of them got banned. I don't know the reasons, but it's because of cheating I assume.

And, take a look at this :!news/site_news/29519
"The id Software offices will officially be closed from December 21st through January 2nd.

Both our development and customer support staff will be out of the office on holiday leave during the winter break. We would like to encourage all players in need of support to search and post in the Player Help & Support forum when looking for resolutions to issues during the holiday break. "

I guess it's the right time to start cheating lol