Nexuiz, the other fast-paced deathmatch game of 2012, released a big update yesterday which among other things included two big improvements for competitive play: the Duel mode DLC has been made free, and a new UGLY mode to give you picmip style performance over shiny graphics.

Also in yesterday's update: added support for up to 32 players, three new levels and STUPID mode for benchmarking with DX 11 and uncompressed textures.

The ESL have partnered with Illfonic, the small studio behind the game, to host a series of prize winning cups and help them gather more feedback on how to make the game better. They have been working hard on improving the game since it's release in May. More details will be announced soon.

Their aim is to bring deathmatch back into the spotlight, with a fast, fun and visually attractive game built on the latest CryENGINE 3.

A demo is now available on Steam, giving you the full game for 30 minutes a day.

Links: Nexuiz, Steam, ESL