We would like to take this opportunity to first mention a few things about this event. This is an event that we agreed to do for the charity involved, since it is something that we all enjoy doing. Which is relaxing and forgetting about the day we had or the stresses that we endured. The Operation Supply Drop Charity does just that it ships games to troops overseas so they can relax and forget about the real world for awhile where they put there lives on the line for us simple folk here at home.

The main reason we are hosting this charity is we were approached by the Charisma+2 Agency to host a online QuakeLive tournament and since Quake is one of the longest running FPS games out there we thought it was a great idea and wanted to show our support for the charity and the event. Charisma+2 has been supporting the OSD Charity for seven separate events so far. For more information on some of the other events that the C+2 Agency will be holding across the country that day check out the Charisma+2 Magazine.

So if your interested in playing against a few models and maybe winning some great prizes then sign on up and donate five dollars to the OSD Charity!!

Stream: United States of America TBD (casting by Jehar and easytarget)
L inks: Event Info, Sign-ups, Demos || mIRC #csn.ql, twitter.com @CyberSportsNet, Facebook @CyberSportsNet || twitter.com @CharismaPlus2, Facebook @CharismaPlus2 || twitter.com @OpSupplyDrop, Facebook @OperationSupplyDrop