Just a tip for anyone in the UK, if you ring up to cancel your virgin broadband citing the costs as too much, they'll get back to you with a cheaper offer.

They might not initially do it, but if you hang in there they should come back to you on the last day or so with a counter offer, assuming they do not try to keep you there are then.

Best thing to cite is "talk talk" as they are quite cheap.

At this point they'll tell you about how fast theirs is and reel off how much you've downloaded, basically ,they are trying to convince you to stay, if you remain firm and say the cost is too high and you really only need a basic package and cost is the #1 factor they'll.....

A) reduce it there and then.

B) seem like they are going ahead with the cancellation process and ring you back on the last day or so.

C) call your bluff, the latter seems to not be a desired option as they make money from you off the phone as I don't think you can just have BB.

I was actually genuinely looking to lower costs as I dont really game anymore or download so the risk of being cut off or switching to ADSL (which might impact gaming) were not factors for me. And I felt I was paying premium price for lite use.

Worth a try, you can always change your mind on the last hour of the last day. But I am the 3rd person in my family to try this and its been the same outcome every time...

Virgin Buckled.