Well, I've been kind of on the quite side. Jamerio no longer entertains me what so ever and I kind of pity him in the same way I pity Ray. Ray on the other hand is banned. Demiurge has been ignoring me and xou doesn't care for me anymore, too. When you really can't attention whore and are on probation things on ESReality start going down hill fast. I told my friends about this site and they just don't find it as funny as I do and they don't get the jokes. It really makes me wonder if I'm at a different level than them or if this site is so nerdy that only I get the Quake references. Or maybe they're stupid. Or maybe I'm stupid.

Anyway, I got off on a horrible tangent. The point I'm trying to illustrate is that I'm attention starved. I've learned my lesson. Don't troll. I don't really want to troll anymore. But this place without me trying to get popularity and hoping to become a demi-god or get at least 70% popularity was kind of juvenile. I know it's not a popularity contest. Most of you troll me and shit and talk a lot of shit about me and say "I want to ignore Daniel" and it makes me wonder how many of you are actually ignoring me. I've seen people like Nicholas and KittenIgnition spew garbage and useless gibberish and write about barely sensible topics of interest and not get banned and yet people like Ray with ridiculously stupid yet coherent (and by coherent I mean readable), get banned. Jamalz getting banned is also kind of silly. I thought compared to vedic and Jamerio his comments were relaxed and funny. He wasn't spamming and he wasn't being too racial or inappropriate in my opinion. No offense, G.I. Jonesy writes the stupidest off topic things ever and he never got punished. And why was stunts.us put on probation? I have so many questions as to why this site runs the way it does and I now am beginning to understand what Jonesy meant when he referred to communism vs capitalism.

You want to ignore me? Fine.
Already ignoring me? No problem.
If anything I think I'm going to start fresh and make a new account where I only post constructive things and no bull shit. You'll probably see someone write something clever and smart, and you'll be like, "Wow, that guy had something constructively smart to say, I like him," without knowing that daniel`, "That faggot I totally despise on ESReality" is that constructively cool guy.

I've invested a lot of time in Quake. Hours upon hours. I mean my whole past three years was a shit load of Quake. Not as much Quake as Ray but I'm sure a significant amount nonetheless. I haven't played the game in months. It feels great. I still get tempted to play Quakeworld or Quake Live or anything really, Quake. But I don't need it anymore. Games aren't fun anymore. And school is a lot harder now.

The point is. I'm leaving. Maybe I'll come back and bring something constructive. Maybe I'll not bring anything at all and be gone for good.

But in short, here is the unedited truth:

I'm eighteen years old. I do go to the gym a lot but I only started last year. I can't really bench 250 yet. I'm not 6'6'' or 6'2'' or whatever lie I told you guys. I'm 6'0'' and I weight 170 lbs. I don't have a six pack yet. I'm white. I'm not a vegan or whatever shit I was telling you guys. I wouldn't call myself a nerd but I can be a bit on the corny nerdy side at times. I like to think of myself as the big guy on campus getting all the girls and everything... but the truth is I probably have more girl trouble than a lot of you on this forum (okay maybe not) but I just can never seal the deal. Oh, and I'm a virgin. That's the truth. Want proof? You can message me, oh wait I'm on probation...

well, if you want proof... I don't know what to give you this is the only honest thing I've said all this time.

So in short: I'm not huge, kind of nerdy and pasty, don't get pussy, and I'm working out to get bigger and I'm leaving ESR. I have quit Quake.

This is good bye.