Game of the year, anyone? I really thought that Portal 2 would have no real competition, but I just can't get over how much fun this game is. The world itself seems to be slightly bigger than Oblivion, but they packed so much content in to that space, it's absurd. All the little details really add up. The dungeons all feel unique and interesting, the characters look much better, the voice acting is superb, and while the graphics aren't top of the line, they still managed to make an absolutely beautiful world.

I wouldn't mind a few more types of enemies/monsters, as the world seems to be full of wolves/spiders. The interface needs a lot of work. Nothing that mods can't fix, though. I still haven't gone far in the main story, as the two characters I have made so far are a thief, and a mage. While they are incredibly fun for general quests, they are next to useless for fighting a dragon. It's possible to do, and it's not very hard, but it's damn near impossible to hit them in the air, and it just takes forever. I'm far more afraid of bears, sabercats, and giants. Stay the fuck away from giants.