I realize Doom 2 has a very lively community that actually plays a lot of public and private games everyday.

This really surprised me. I know Quakeworld has a good private American community that plays on occasion. I also know pickups happen every now and then in promode, and I saw tastycast streaming some Quake 2 this week. Which begs me to ask, what games are doing really good? What games are a lot of people playing actively almost day in and day out? Are there games where people are always online? What's going on with Quake 4? Painkiller? Warsow?

Seriously, Doom 2 really surprises me that so many people play this.

So can someone break it down?
What's the most active 1v1? Is it still Quake Live?
What comes after in America?
Is it Quakeworld? Is it Quake 3?

So someone, break it down for me seriously,

What's happening in:
The Quake's

Or any 1v1 really?! Someone help me out, give me a top 3, what's worth playing, what isn't worth playing? What's the 2nd most popular thing?