Date: Sunday 11th September 2011 Ė 15:30 CET
Check-in: 15:00 CET
Size: 16 teams
Gametype: 5vs5 Bomb & Defuse (PROMOD)
- 8 teams / 2 groups / bo1 in groups / top two teams advance into brackets / bo3 single elimination
- 16 teams / 4 groups / bo1 in groups / the best one advances into brackets / bo3 single elimination
Map pool: downtown, wbomb1, wbomb4, emsummer, emtown
IRC: #rickrollers @ QuakeNet
Stream: #lvl^ - from quarter/semi finals

Report scores to: kerpal, tba, tba


website: []
forum: []

Cointoss winner decides who drops the first map, then eliminate maps one by one till there is just one left. - BO1
Cointoss winner decides whose map is to be played first, and if needed decides who drops the map first when picking 3rd map. - BO3

As the rickrollers are going to play in this cup too, we need 1-2 persons who wouldn't be interested in playing but organising this, so we need 1-2 persons to take care of the IRC and confirming scores during the cup. Kerpal is going to try to take care of this too. If you're interested /query kerpal @ QuakeNet or just join #rickrollers.

By that we announce this cup with over a month ahead and choosing a date that is a bit after the most sunny days for most of us, we hope to attract many teams, however since like I have just mentioned we announce it over a month ahead things could change but we are going to give our best to make this happen as we planned it.

Also, we wanted to create a time-table for matches but we don't find it necessary and we hope for that bo1 group matches won't take longer than 50 minutes.

Those who are clanless and still want to play feel free to say that in comments ( so we can make some list then form the teams.

Small note according to the format, of course if we're going to have for example 10 teams we still will put them into 2 groups, same goes if we have for example 6 teams.

-Scorelimit 16
-At least one member of the team has to be in #rickrollers during the cup to make the cup run smooth
-If it's possible try to play on servers provided by Crizis
-This cup is mainly directed to European players, however American teams are welcomed as well, just with that the games have to be played at European servers, unless two sides agree to play in another location.

Everybody is welcome to join #warsow.pickup @ QuakeNet meanwhile, to practice!