ASDF "Touch Typing"
(or JKL; for left handers)
A = Back
S = Forwards
D = Strafe Left
F = Strafe Right
Space = Duck
Right Click = Jump

Reasons for picking ASDF over say, WASD, ESDF, QWES, control sticks, or anything else:
1. ASDF Touch Typing has been around for YEARS. Long before computers.
2. ASDF Touch Typing is tought in countless schools, almost everyone knows it.
3. ASDF Touch Typing grants you nearly unlimited hotkeys
4. QWERT/ZXCVB is insanly easy to grasp/access and highly n00b friendly (12345/678910)
5. You will never have to move your left hand(or right if you use JKL; )
6. ASDF "HULK SMASH" - Press all four buttons at once, just a different method for "stopping". Not quite as useful, depends on the game engine.

7. Your pinky is your weakest finger and since you rarely move backwards in video games, this grants you extra hotkeys over WASD.
8. Running forward is almost always used. With using your second weakest finger, this allows all other fingers to use other hotkeys while still running forward.
9. DF for strafing is super easy because you're using your most powerful fingers. You don't have that odd feeling of strafing left with WASD

10. If you're using a control stick, you're unable to do important First Person moves. Dodging, strafe jumping, and beyond
11. If you're using a control to move, you probably do it to aim too. Unless you controller/mouse... Mouse >>> Control sticks EVERYTIME. I'm sorry, this is simply a fact. Way more control, faster and accurate. You will be defeated in non-slow/auto aiming games.

What hotkeys are most available/powerful while using ASDF?
ERT / Secondary/Primary/Melee
45 / Other weapons / Nades
Z / Useful for "Show Scores", as you can run forward and see how many enemies are still alive(Counter-Strike)

What hotkeys are weakest?
W/X / Since you always run forward

What hotkeys should I avoid?
Windows key, literally rip it off your keyboard.
ALT/TAB (Go to a different window)
ALT/F4 (Exit Program)

What do you consider cons of using ASDF?
I consider A=Backwards a small con, as it can be difficult to move backwards until you fully grasp ASDF, which takes a bit of time. Even then, it can be still difficult. Also, Shift(Walk/Run) and A(Backwards) can be difficult.

// Curtis Turner - IceIYIaN
// Creator of Elements of War!