I'm gonna start using a [nVc] style tag for my retarded threads

Was speccing a CZM random pub games a few nights ago. Usual kind of thing, he was dueling against various random Americans (and the odd high tier guy) messing around and doing some fun stuff here and there. I wasn't really around for CZM during Q3, but of the demos/VODs I've seen and what I've seen currently from his attitude I'm pretty impressed. He would mention many things inbetween duels which was kinda interesting

One of which was the thought about the speed of Quake-Live and how it plays out. He suggested that removing footsteps would allow for more sneak attacks and generally faster gameplay. A few people on the server mentioned that this was a server variable or something that could be edited on private servers but due to it being a public server, nout came from it.

The part I'm interested in though, is do you think removing footsteps would benefit or hinder QuakeLive?

On the one side, I'd like to see faster paced games forsure, but on the other, footsteps can lead to a more tactical and slower gameplay style which is just as interesting. One example coming to the top of my head being the Rapha vs Cooller dm6 match that Rapha self-commentated on with Carmac in the ESL studio where he mentioned he heard Cooller take one footstep near the LG and without seeing him knew he would probably go up that way so railed him. The sound of the footstep set him up for the kill.

With footsteps removed it would probably result in much faster gameplay. It doesn't seem like much of a difference between 320ups and whatever walking is (I forget) but the difference between people walking around maps and jogging [lolz] would make it a bit quicker and lead for more ambushes and sneak attacks. It would make the walk control redundant though, and I'd hate to see a key be out of the job

Anyway, thoughts? :|