Due to some recent messages that walter has sent to myself and others, I'm fearful that walter may attempt to commit suicide soon. This post is not meant to be funny so please see it as a request for help. I don't have any contact information of walter's other than his full name Walter Outlaw. He appears to be unlisted. If anyone has any information about his whereabouts, his address, if he has any relatives, his phone number please either send me an instant message or contact him ASAP.

I'm thinking that contacting his local police station or contacting a relative would be best. If there is any admin who can look up his ip address or see if he provided any further information when signing up, please do so immediately. I don't know how much time there is.

If you read this walter:

Rethink what you are about to do. Think about all the possibilities life holds for every single person, including yourself. If you work through your problems, you will have plenty of time to lead a fulfilling life. Sign on AIM if you'd like to talk or at least let someone know if you are alive.

* 7/15 * I have heard from someone reliable that walter is still alive. It seems he is working through a rough period right now, hopefully everything turns out alright for him.