May will see the 29th edition of the ASUS Open Cup by Cyberfight. But that's not all: At this time we have prepared a surprise for you. The three largest Russian esport organizations will come together for this especial event: the National Professional Cybersport League, the Russian eSports Federation and With the help of ASUS and Intel, they will conduct a three-phase tournament:
- ASUS Online Qualifers
- and eswcRussia ESWC Russia
During two weekends we will see 7 LANs and 4 online tournaments, hundreds players from all the post-Soviet states and the best organizers staff. 9 tickets to ESWC, 525 000 rubles (~13 560€) and prizes from sponsors are waiting to be won.

The ASUS Online Qualifers will start on the 8th of May, one day before ratmstar Victory day. The ASUS LAN Open will take place during 22-23th of May in Russia Moscow at the 2 famous game-centers Click-Net and Rush3D. And finally on the 30th of May, the ESWC Russia qualifer matches will be played at the NPCL television studio with the best russian players from the ASUS Spring 2010.

UPDATE: ESWC 2010 Russia Preliminaries:
Stream: Direct link
Coverage: Cyberfight
- 13:00 CET – FIFA 10
- 14:20 CET – Quake Live
- 16:15 CET – Warcraft 3
- 18:30 CET – Counter-Strike 1.6

Source: Russia Summary (RU), Russia Tourney FAQ mIRC #asus.ql