When Dreamhack Winter 2009 is just days away the seeds have finally been made and released for both Quake Live and Quake World.

Unfortunately a few players dropped out of the tournament. PURRI and bodzo couldn't make it of various reasons, time and money being the major ones. They were replaced by the players who were next in line: the former Dreamhack Quake admins Sweden Dronar and Sweden SobriuS.

ZeroQl had troubles getting a visa and was replaced by the runner up in the Serbian QL Qualifier: Serbia rmd! Sweden Åke Vader and Sweden lakso couldn't make it to the Quake World tournament either. Åke Vader because of work and lakso because of school. Both of them were replaced by the players next in line: France vo1ce and Sweden snapcase.

Together with the seeds and groups the full rules have been added for both games. Most notably is that QL uses the "ESWC-style" for picking maps (both players remove one map each before picking maps) and QW uses regular map picks (requested by the community).

Links: Quake Live Rules, Quake World Rules, No source!